Fairytale therapy - Basic online course

Cinderella, Snow white, Puss in Boots, Sleeping Beauty, the 4 Paths of life
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The proposed FairyTale Therapy is absolutely new and unprecedented.

It draws inspiration from the studies of Vladimir Propp and the narrative functions found in fairy tales.

It deviates from the principles of psychology and the symbolic interpretation with which fairy tales are usually read.
The basic course of FairyTale Therapy offers the ability to recognize the main behavioral characteristics, to clearly trace resources, limits, and discover the key to overcoming the critical points of each dynamic.

Registration course gives access to 3 handouts and a practical guide.

Practical guide to fairy therapy

The practical guide contains the essential guidelines for the concrete use of fairy tale therapy both in the personal sphere and in the profession of consultant. The text contains examples of application of the four behavioral dynamics, in order to make immediate use of what has been learned.

FairyTale Therapy handout 1 - What is the Fairy Tale and how to recognize it

Introductory guide to the knowledge of the characteristics of the narrative genre called Fiaba. In the handout, notions are provided in a simple and exhaustive way regarding the history of the fairy tale, its structure, the real role it plays and has played, and the meaning that the narration has for the Sapiens.

FairyTale Therapy handout 2 - The Language for Images

Introduction to the knowledge of the peculiar language of fairytale narration and the discovery of its intrinsic link with the 5 senses of the human being.

FairyTale Therapy handout 3 - The 4 Paths

The theoretical-practical manual illustrates in detail the functional dynamics contained in the four Macro Paths told in the fairy tales of: Cinderella - Snow White - Puss in Boots - Sleeping Beauty. Indicates the essential characteristics to distinguish the different dynamics in action in everyday life, shows the release functions to be used in each specific dynamic.

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